How to Apply Liquid Lipstick: Complete Guide for You in 2024

Hi, I want to guide you how to apply Liquid lipstick has enraptured the beauty cosmos, securing its place in myriad makeup regimens. Its enduring formulation and vivid finish have garnered favor for both quotidian wear and momentous events.

Yet, the art of applying liquid lipstick can prove elusive without the correct methods. This guide will elucidate every nuance you need to master for a flawless application in 2024.

How to Apply Liquid Lipstick

How to Apply Liquid Lipstick Comprehending

What Constitutes Liquid Lipstick?

Liquid lipstick is a lip adornment that initially applies as a gloss but solidifies to a matte or satin facade. Renowned for its profound pigmentation and resilience, it has become the go-to for those seeking to make a bold impression with their lip color.

Varieties of Liquid Lipsticks

The market offers an array of liquid lipsticks, including matte, satin, metallic, and glossy finishes. Each variant presents a distinct aesthetic and texture, enabling you to select one that aligns with your style and occasion.

Advantages of Liquid Lipstick

The allure of liquid lipsticks lies in their protracted wear, vibrant color payoff, and steadfastness without frequent touch-ups. They are less susceptible to smudging and feathering than traditional lipsticks.

Preparing Your Lips


Prior to applying liquid lipstick, it is vital to exfoliate your lips to slough off dead skin cells. This step ensures a smooth and even application. Employ a lip scrub or a toothbrush for gentle exfoliation.


Post-exfoliation, nourish your lips with a quality lip balm. This step is crucial to avert dryness and ensure the liquid lipstick adheres effectively.

Lip Primer

Utilizing a lip primer can establish a smooth foundation for your liquid lipstick. It also extends the longevity of the lipstick, maintaining its freshness throughout the day.

How to Apply Liquid Lipstick

Selecting the Ideal Shade

Harmonizing with Skin Tone

Selecting the appropriate shade of liquid lipstick is imperative. For fair complexions, consider pinks, nudes, and light corals. Medium skin tones benefit from mauves, berries, and rose hues. Deep skin tones shine with bold reds, plums, and browns.

Considering the Event

Reflect on the occasion for which you’ll don the lipstick. Bold hues are splendid for soirées and gatherings, while neutral tones are fitting for daily wear and professional environments.

Seasonal Trends

Stay abreast of the latest seasonal trends. In 2024, expect to encounter an abundance of earthy tones for autumn, bright corals for summer, and timeless reds for winter.

Essential Tools

Lip Brush

A lip brush permits precise application, especially around the contours of your lips. It aids in achieving a clean and professional look.

Lip Liner

A lip liner can thwart your liquid lipstick from feathering and bleeding. It also aids in delineating the shape of your lips.

Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs are useful for rectifying mistakes and smudges around the lips.

Makeup Remover

A dependable makeup remover is indispensable for correcting errors and removing the lipstick at day’s end.

Step-by-Step Application Procedure

Outlining Your Lips with Lip Liner

Commence by outlining your lips with a lip liner that complements your lipstick. This step defines your lips and creates a barrier to prevent the lipstick from bleeding.

Applying the Initial Coat

Apply a thin layer of liquid lipstick starting from the center of your lips and progressing outward. Ensure the entire lip area is covered evenly.

Allowing It to Dry

Permit the first coat to dry thoroughly before applying a second coat. This prevents the lipstick from becoming patchy and ensures a long-lasting finish.

Applying the Second Coat

Once the initial coat is dry, apply a second layer for a more intense color. This coat should also be thin to avoid any caking or flaking.

Tips for Extended Wear

Evading Greasy Foods

Greasy foods can compromise the formula of your liquid lipstick, causing it to wear off more rapidly. Avoid such foods or blot your lips gently after consumption.

Utilizing Setting Powder

Dab a bit of translucent setting powder over your liquid lipstick to secure it in place. This technique aids in prolonging the lipstick’s wear.

Blotting Technique

Blot your lips with a tissue after applying the initial coat. This removes any excess product and helps in setting the color.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Overlapping Layers

Avoid layering multiple coats of liquid lipstick, as this can result in a cakey and uncomfortable feel. Stick to two thin coats for optimal results.

Neglecting Lip Preparation

Omitting lip preparation steps can lead to a patchy and uneven application. Always exfoliate and hydrate your lips before applying liquid lipstick.

Choosing an Unsuitable Shade

Wearing a shade that doesn’t complement your skin tone or outfit can disrupt your entire look. Take the time to choose a shade that flatters you.

Removing Liquid Lipstick

Effective Makeup Removers
Opt for oil-based makeup removers to effectively dismantle the long-lasting formula of liquid lipstick. Micellar water is also a commendable option for gentle removal.

Gentle Removal Techniques
Use a cotton pad imbued with makeup remover to gently wipe off the lipstick. Avoid scrubbing your lips, as this can cause irritation.

How to Apply Liquid Lipstick

Premier Liquid Lipstick Brands in 2024

Luxury Brands

Fenty Beauty: Celebrated for its extensive range of shades and inclusive marketing.
Huda Beauty: Offers intense pigmentation and enduring formulas.

Affordable Favorites

Maybelline: Provides cost-effective options with remarkable quality.
NYX: Known for its variety of shades and finishes.

How to Apply Liquid Lipstick DIY Lip Care Formulas

Exfoliating Lip Scrub
Combine sugar and honey to create a simple yet efficacious lip scrub. Use it weekly to maintain smooth lips ready for lipstick application.

Hydrating Lip Mask
Blend coconut oil and shea butter to concoct a hydrating lip mask. Apply it before bed to wake up with soft, nourished lips.

How Often Should I Reapply?

This depends on the formula and your activities. Most high-quality liquid lipsticks can last several hours without needing touch-ups.

Can I Mix Different Shades?

Absolutely! Mixing shades can help you create a custom color that suits your style and mood.

How to Fix Smudges?

Use a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to clean up any smudges. A concealer brush can also be used to sharpen the edges of your lips.

Expert Tips and Tricks

Using Concealer for Precision
Apply concealer around your lips to define and clean up the edges. This trick helps in achieving a polished and precise look.

Mixing Shades for Custom Colors

Experiment with different shades to create unique colors. Blend a lighter shade with a darker one to find the perfect balance for your look.


Applying liquid lipstick need not be daunting. With the right preparation, tools, and techniques, you can achieve a flawless and enduring lip look. So, venture forth and experiment with different shades and finishes to discover what best complements you. Enjoy the art of lipstick application!


How can I prevent my liquid lipstick from drying out my lips?
Hydrate your lips well before application. Using a lip balm and primer can help prevent dryness.

What’s the best way to store liquid lipstick?
Store your liquid lipstick in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to preserve its consistency and longevity.

Can I use liquid lipstick as an eyeliner?
While it’s possible, it’s not recommended as liquid lipsticks are formulated differently than eyeliners and may cause irritation.

How can I make my lipstick look more natural?
For a more natural look, apply a single layer and blot gently with a tissue. You can also use your finger to blend the edges for a softer finish.

Is it okay to share liquid lipstick?
It’s best to avoid sharing liquid lipstick to prevent the spread of bacteria and maintain hygiene.

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